How to Convert a Resume from PowerPoint to PDF

How to convert a PowerPoint resume into PDF to easily forward it through internet or print it on paper and maintain its quality at the same time.

I prefer a resume that supports the Word software because it is modifiable.

First, the PowerPoint resume is similar to the Word one; they both have the same front page and both are able to modify. However, the files that support the PowerPoint software are properly supporting all its versions, unlike the Word software files.

Word form resume is easy to forward through internet

Most people, when they are seeking jobs, think that Word form resume is better and appropriate to forward to companies. Not all computer systems are compatible with Word form; so, the companies that use these systems will hardly explore your file and if they do, it might distort the elegance or/and the organization of the file. Therefore, it is better and safer to use the PDF form; it is lighter than the Word form and supported by all the computer systems. Furthermore, it saves your info not to be copied or modified and keeps you away from any violation of privacy.

How to Convert a Resume from PowerPoint to PDF

First, download the resume you like and fill it with your information until it is ready to be print or forwarded through e-mail. Now the only step needed is to save your resume in PDF form.

In some PowerPoint versions, saving process includes the PDF form; in this case, follow these steps:

First, go to File as obviously shown below.

Second, click on Save As

Third, click on Browse and chose where to place the file.

Forth, write the File Name then chose the file form by clicking on Save As Type PDF, PNG, etc.

In case you do not have this option, all you have to do is to google “PowerPoint to PDF” and you’ll find plenty of websites that facilitate this process.