A WORD or PDF-form resume is better to send via e-mail to companies?

Is Word or PDF form better for a resume? This question is frequently posed by lots of people; they think that only Word form is appropriate or that word form is better. However, when PDF for created it starts getting used in many different fields such as books, resumes, lessons, etc. In general, Word is commonly used by people; but why do we use PDF instead? Word is almost similar to PowerPoint, but this latter’s feature is that any PDF file 100% runs in all the PDF versions.
We hope this article helps you understand the importance of the PDF form in job hunting processes. A PDF resume is lighter than the Word one and this is a very important point when dealing with companies and/or job hiring offices. Also sending a resume via e-mail, download it and read it either by a specific software or browser is easier with the PDF form. It is possible now to read PDF files directly on the browser; Google Chrome is one of the browsers that support PDF form. Hence, this latter is light, fast and secured.
Note: 1Mb is the appropriate size for a resume to be accepted; otherwise, it is not. If your resume is heavy than 1Mb then try to reduce the quality of the personal picture.

The Appropriate Form for a Resume

PDF characteristics


If you want to send your resume to numbers of job-hiring companies regardless to the computers, phone and systems they work with then the PDF form is better for you; it is compatible with many operating systems: Mac Os, Linux, Windows, Android, etc.


The PDF form is safe from any kind of violation of your files’ privacy including editing or manipulating information.
In most job-hiring websites only PDF, JPEG or/and PNG resumes are allowed to upload.