Essential Contact Information and Personal Details for Your CV/Resume (Guide)

Essential Contact Information in CV/Resume by Joseph Baha · Updated January. 2, 2023
Essential Contact Information in CV/Resume

Personal information and contact information are the most important information included in the CV, as it is the only means of communication between the job seeker and your recruiter. In this article, we will talk about the most important information that must be included with examples.

The Importance of Contact Information in Your CV/Resume

In a CV/Resume, contact information serves as a crucial component that allows others to connect with you. It provides a means for individuals who are interested in your work, collaborations, or opportunities to reach out to you easily.

Essential Information to Include in Your CV/Resume

1. Full Name

The full name is among the information the operator looks at at first sight. Therefore, your full name must appear prominently and correctly at the beginning of your resume / CV. This helps identify you and enables readers to remember you more easily.


Ex: John Smith.
Martha L. Langley
Yolanda C. Gauna


Ex: John Sm.
Ma Lan
Yo Ga

3. Phone Number

A phone number is among the most important means of easy and immediate communication. Providing a phone number allows potential collaborators, clients or employers to contact you directly. Be sure to always write your own phone number, as well as your service.

Note: Be sure to include your country code if applicable.


Example: Phone: +1 (555) 123-4567.

4. Email Address

An email address is an essential point of contact for professional communication. It is important to use a professional email address that includes your full name. If your full name is reserved in Gmail, search in Hotmail, Yahoo or similar

Note: Some email addresses appear to be a non-serious person. If you have one of them, be sure to create a new email address immediately.

5. LinkedIn Profile

Including a link to your LinkedIn profile is highly recommended, as it provides a comprehensive overview of your professional experience, skills, and achievements. It allows others to connect with you and learn more about your qualifications.



Tips for Optimizing Contact Information and Personal Details in Your CV/Resume

1. Keep Information Accurate and Up-to-Date

Ensure that all the contact information provided in your CV/Resume is accurate and up-to-date. Double-check phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profile links to avoid any potential communication issues.

2. Professional Email Address

When including your email address, choose one that is professional and reflects your name. Avoid using email addresses that are overly informal or unprofessional.

4. Privacy Considerations

While it’s important to provide contact information, be mindful of privacy concerns. Only include information that you are comfortable sharing publicly and consider using a separate professional phone number or email address.

By following these tips and getting an idea from the examples mentioned, you can create a professional and attractive resume that effectively represents you. We also advise you to use an example of our own editable cv/resume with all the information included within it

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